Britton Housemovers has been in business since 1957.

Over these years we have acquired the latest equipment, knowledge and expertise to handle almost any building relocation project.

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Q:    What sort of houses can be moved?

A:    We can move just about anything, including stucco. When moving a brick house all the bricks will have to be removed first and the house reclad after it has been moved.


Q:    How do you charge for a move?

A:    Moves are charged by the time taken. The route travelled, size of the house, degree of difficulty and the materials required at the time will determine the cost of the job.


Q:    What other costs are involved when moving a house?

A:    Building permits, connection of services and any renovations that may be required.


Q:    Who is responsible for getting the permits?

A:    Moving permits are the responsibility of the mover. Building and demolition permits are the responsibility of the homeowner when Brittons are moving an existing house for a client. Building permit is the responsibility of the client when a house is being purchased from Brittons.  We can help you in that process by providing you with as much detail as possible about the house we have sold you.


Q:    How do I have someone inspect my dwelling to see if it is possible to move?

A:    Just pick up the phone and call or send us an email. One of our reps would be more than happy to come and visit your site. Please call today for your no obligation quote!!


Q:    Who reconnects the services?

A:    It is the client's responsibility to organize the reconnecting of the services. We recommend you hire a qualified person when reconnecting your services.


Q:    What does the price of the building include when purchased from Brittons?

A:    Our listed prices include the purchase of the building, delivery to an accessible site within a two-hour radius and re piling on standard 600mm tanalised piles set in concrete. We will need to check the route and access to your site before finalising the price.


Q:    Do the appliances come with the house?

A:    Some houses have appliances, carpet, drapes etc. in them and some don't. Basically "what you see is what you get"


Q:    Do we need special insurance?

A:    Brittons carries a very comprehensive public liability insurance package.  Brittons shall insure against public liability damage to a maximum of $10,000,000.00 as part of the contract and in most cases, transit and cargo insurance up to $180,000.00 is included in our contract and sales price (conditions apply)



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