House Moves

What Can We Move

Brittons can move just about any type of building including stucco.
When moving brick houses all the bricks will have to be removed and the house reclad after it has been moved.

Larger houses may need to be split into segments.
Two storey houses can be moved successfully even if wires etc along the route may restrict the height of each load.

What Does it Cost

The cost of moving a house depends mainly on the time taken. The route travelled, size of the house and the degree of difficulty will determine how long a move will take.  Because each move can be quite different, we prefer to inspect each job and provide a written quote.


Building permits, connection of services and any renovations that may be required will also need to be considered.

Brittons are responsible for the moving permits but the homeowner is responsible for demolition and  building permits. We can help you in that process.


If you would like one of our reps to come and inspect your site, to see if it is able to be moved and provide you with a quote, please give us a call or send us an email.

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